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  1. Fancy Trinity Pendant

    Fancy Trinity Pendant


    SKU: cjsvs44550

    Fancy Trinity Knot made in sterling silver measures approx 1.4cm by 1.5cm.. Learn More
  2. Flat Trinity Drop Ear Rings

    Flat Trinity Drop Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsvs3645

    Imported from Ireland and made from sterling silver. Measure approx 1.3cm tall by 1.4cm wide (trinity only). Learn More
  3. Flat Trinity Pendant

    Flat Trinity Pendant


    SKU: cjsvs4089

    Sterling Silver trinity pendant imported from Ireland, measures approx 1.5cm by 1.5cm. Learn More
  4. Four Trinity Pendant

    Four Trinity Pendant


    SKU: cjsvs44021

    Large rhodium Celtic knot pendant comprising four trinity designs. A super shiny, highly visible pendant measuring approx. 3cm by 3cm. Learn More
  5. Goddess Moonstone Pendant

    Goddess Moonstone Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn734s

    Polished pewter Goddess figurine pendant with an rainbow moonstone cabochon on a silver-plated chain. Learn More
  6. Gold Celtic Knotwork Ring (Serenity) SPECIAL

    Gold Celtic Knotwork Ring (Serenity) SPECIAL

    Regular Price: NZD$920.00

    Special Price: NZD$590.00

    SKU: cjpsk150L

    This ring has a 6.2 mm wide band. 9 ct white gold band with a 9 ct red gold weave.

    ONE ONLY - Ex-Display - Size 6 (L/M).

    Original Price $920.00.

    Not able to be re-sized because the design runs around the ring.

    Learn More
  7. Gold Plated Trinity Ear Rings

    Gold Plated Trinity Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsvs3587

    Imported from Ireland, these stud ear rings are 18ct gold plated. Measure approx 1cm tall by 1.3cm wide. Learn More
  8. Gold Plated Trinity Pendant

    Gold Plated Trinity Pendant


    SKU: cjsvs4995

    18ct gold plated Trinity necklace measuring approx. 1.3cm by 1.3cm. Learn More
  9. Green & Yellow  Bead

    Green & Yellow Bead


    SKU: cjsv80202

    Gorgeous colours in this unusual water-colour style of bead.

    A pale green background with teardrop dashes of yellow and shades of green.

    Learn More
  10. Green Glass & Turquoise Bead

    Green Glass & Turquoise Bead


    SKU: cjsv80201

    Really unusual design and would make a colourful addition to your bead bracelet. Learn More
  11. Healing Stones Rose Quartz Bracelet

    Healing Stones Rose Quartz Bracelet


    SKU: cjjw236

    Bracelet made of rose quartz stones and pewter celtic knots.

    Believed to aid blood circulation, fortify the heart, encourages fertility and helps the skin's complexion.

    The stones are a pale pink colour.

    Learn More
  12. Heart and Trinity Ear Rings

    Heart and Trinity Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsvs3100

    Imported from Ireland and made from sterling silver. Measure approx 1.1cm tall by 1.1cm wide. Learn More
  13. Heart Brooch

    Heart Brooch


    SKU: cjsjpb163

    Textured pewter heart with embossed Celtic knotwork. Learn More
  14. Inverurie Horses Brooch

    Inverurie Horses Brooch


    SKU: scsjpb95

    Brooch depicting the Inverurie Horses. The horse was a mighty symbol of majesty and nobility. Learn More
  15. Large Hoop Ear Rings

    Large Hoop Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsjpe531

    Made in pewter and imported from the U.K. Measure approx 3.2cm diameter. Match pendant pn531. Learn More
  16. Large Hoop Pendant

    Large Hoop Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn730

    Polished pewter hoop with embossed Celtic knotwork on tin-plated curb chain. Matching ear rings available. Learn More
  17. Lugh's Knot Lge Brooch

    Lugh's Knot Lge Brooch


    SKU: irsjpb68

    In Irish mythology, Lugh (Lug) was the god of light. He killed his grandfather, Balor, during the great battle in which a new order of gods and goddesses took over from the primal beings of chaotic energy. He was the god of skill and ability. Made by St. Justin of Cornwall in pewter. Approx diameter 7cm. Learn More
  18. Lugh's Knot Medium Brooch

    Lugh's Knot Medium Brooch


    SKU: irsjpb65

    Lugh's Knot (God of Light) in pewter. Diameter 5cm. Learn More
  19. Lugh's Knot Sml Brooch

    Lugh's Knot Sml Brooch


    SKU: irsjpb64

    In Irish mythology, Lugh (Lug) was the god of light.

    Pewter Brooch 4cm diameter.

    Learn More
  20. Merlin's Spear Pendant (Pewter)

    Merlin's Spear Pendant (Pewter)


    SKU: cjsjpn689

    Merlin, also known as Myrddin and Merlinus, was often perceived as a wizard or magician.

    Amongst his powers he had the gift of clairvoyancy and foretold of King Arthur's rule over England.

    Learn More
  21. Moonburst Labradorite Pendant

    Moonburst Labradorite Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn535

    Fabulous pewter moonburst with central labradorite cabochon on tin-plated snake chain.

    The colour comes from within and is out of this world. It looks as though it is back-lit but it isn't.

    Learn More
  22. Newgrange Spiral Bronze Pendant

    Newgrange Spiral Bronze Pendant


    SKU: cjsjbzp67

    High polished bronze Spirals pendant on adjustable black leather thong. Learn More
  23. Newgrange Spiral Pendant

    Newgrange Spiral Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn573

    Chunky pewter pendant depicting the Newgrange Triple Spiral. Learn More
  24. Nouveau Triscele Brooch

    Nouveau Triscele Brooch


    SKU: cjsjpb102

    The Triscele; thought to represent the three realms of Celtic lore: the past, the present and the future. Learn More
  25. Owl Pendant (Bronze)

    Owl Pendant (Bronze)


    SKU: cjsjbzp60

    Bronze openwork pendant on gold-plated trace chain. The Owl, signifying wisdom and change. Learn More
  26. Pearl and Openwork Knots Necklace

    Pearl and Openwork Knots Necklace


    SKU: cjsjpn378

    Pewter openwork knots with a heart at the centre of the necklace with a cultured freshwater pearl drop on tin-plated or surgical steel curb chain. Learn More
  27. Pendulum Copper Pendant

    Pendulum Copper Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn794

    A beautiful pendant consisting of a copper contemporary pendulum design inserted into a pewter surround on a surgical steel trace chain. Learn More
  28. Pentagon Knot Pendant

    Pentagon Knot Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn911

    Pentagon knot pendant – A pewter openwork pentagon knot with a central Opalised glass stone. Diameter: 37mm Learn More
  29. Pentagram (Chain) Pendant

    Pentagram (Chain) Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn13

    Pewter pentagram pendant on a tin-plated or surgical steel curb chain.

    Found in Celtic lore, the pentagram or pentacle, symbol of light to the Druids, represents the five divine aspects of earthly rule.

    Learn More
  30. Pentagram Bronze Pendant

    Pentagram Bronze Pendant


    SKU: cjsjbzp18

    Bronze openwork pentagram pendant on a gold-plated trace chain. Learn More

Items 31 to 60 of 115 total

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