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Dating from around 3000 BC the spiral was probably used to represent the three realms - Land, Sea and Sky.

The triple spiral (Triscele) represents the power of the mother goddess.

The iconic triple spiral on a standing stone in the central recess of the chamber in Newgrange actually comprises six spirals.

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  1. Chunky Spiral Bracelet

    Chunky Spiral Bracelet


    SKU: cjsvs5578

    Imported from Ireland thisis chunky expandable bracelet features Celtic swirls and small pieces of purple glass. Each rectangle approx 2cm by 2.2cm. Learn More
  2. Green & Yellow  Bead

    Green & Yellow Bead


    SKU: cjsv80202

    Gorgeous colours in this unusual water-colour style of bead.

    A pale green background with teardrop dashes of yellow and shades of green.

    Learn More
  3. Green Glass & Turquoise Bead

    Green Glass & Turquoise Bead


    SKU: cjsv80201

    Really unusual design and would make a colourful addition to your bead bracelet. Learn More
  4. Newgrange Spiral Bronze Pendant

    Newgrange Spiral Bronze Pendant


    SKU: cjsjbzp67

    High polished bronze Spirals pendant on adjustable black leather thong. Learn More
  5. Newgrange Spiral Pendant

    Newgrange Spiral Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn573

    Chunky pewter pendant depicting the Newgrange Triple Spiral. Learn More
  6. Silver & Gold Plate Spiral Bead

    Silver & Gold Plate Spiral Bead


    SKU: cjsv80167

    Silver and gold plated Celtic Spiral Designs on a sterling silver bead. Learn More
  7. Spiral Clear Glass Bead

    Spiral Clear Glass Bead


    SKU: cjsv8958

    Clear glass bead with burgundy coloured Celtic Spiral design. Learn More
  8. Spiral Double Sided Pendant

    Spiral Double Sided Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn432

    Spiral with beaten pewter on one side and smooth on the other. An ancient Celtic symbol related to the sun. Learn More
  9. Spiral Green Glass Bead

    Spiral Green Glass Bead


    SKU: cjsv8955

    Deep emerald green glass with a spiral design on a sterling silver bead. Learn More
  10. Spiral on Disk Pendant

    Spiral on Disk Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn744

    Pewter pendant with a Celtic spiral design on adjustable leather thong. Learn More
  11. Spiral Torc Necklace

    Spiral Torc Necklace


    SKU: cjsjpn431t

    Large hammered pewter spiral with bale on silver-plated wire torc. Learn More
  12. Spirals Drop Ear Rings

    Spirals Drop Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsvs33291g

    Imported from Ireland, these drop ear rings are made from rhodium for super shine with a jade green inner. Learn More
  13. Spirals Pendant

    Spirals Pendant


    SKU: cjsvs44907g

    Imported from Ireland, this is a piece of "statement" jewellery. Made from rhodium. Learn More
  14. Sun Rays Pendant

    Sun Rays Pendant


    SKU: cjsjpn880

    Sun Rays & Celtic Spirals Pendant – Solid pewter pendant in the shape of a mystical sun with an opalised glass stone in the centre. Height: 50mm Width: 41mm Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box Learn More
  15. Trinity and Spiral Drop Ear Rings

    Trinity and Spiral Drop Ear Rings


    SKU: cjsvs33332

    Imported from Ireland, these dainty drop ear rings are made from sterling silver.

    Diameter of spiral circle approx .7cm (7mm) and length from top of trinity knot to bottom of spiral approx 1.5cm.

    Learn More

15 Item(s)

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