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Jig Shoes, Buckles

Jig Shoes, Buckles

For an added touch of BLING here are some headbands, tiaras, barettes and bows.

We have found a range of glass tiaras that don't cost the earth, and are not too heavy for the smaller dancers to wear.

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  1. Hullachan Red Jig

    Hullachan Red Jig


    SKU: idphpjs

    New RED jig shoe: Lightweight, Clever Insoles, Padded ankle, Cooling vents, Black suede sole, Concorde Lite heels, Smooth leather uppers, Shorter toe length, Breathable red lining and new Hullachan tips.

    Available in Sizes Sml 10 to Lge 12. We do not carry these in stock so please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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  2. Laces for Jig Shoes

    Laces for Jig Shoes


    SKU: id1417

    Extra pair of laces for your jig shoes. NB these are the short laces for the Irish Dancing Jig shoe, not the Highland Irish Jig.

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  3. Shoe Buckles - Chrome Rectangle

    Shoe Buckles - Chrome Rectangle


    SKU: idpbuckler

    A pair of rectangular shaped chrome buckles with leather backing. Learn More
  4. Shoe Buckles - Enamel Shamrock

    Shoe Buckles - Enamel Shamrock


    SKU: idpbkch

    Pair of coloured, enamel filled shamrock buckles. Available in green, gold, red and blue. Learn More
  5. Superflexi Jig

    Superflexi Jig


    SKU: id658

    Our best selling beginner's jig shoe made by Antonio Pacelli. A very popular shoe amongst dancers of all levels from beginners to world champions.

    Available in Sizes UK Sml 9 to Lge 12. We carry stock of sizes Sml 12 to Lge 9 but can order in other sizes when required.

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  6. Ultraflexi Jig

    Ultraflexi Jig


    SKU: id659

    A black suede sole has been added to our classic Superflexi Irish dancing jig shoe, for those dancers requiring maximum flexibility in their jig shoe.

    Available in UK Sizes Sml 12 to Lge 12. We do not carry stock on this item but can order in if required. Please allow 2 - 3  weeks.

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