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Key Ring Cornwall Coat of Arms

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Metal key ring bearing the Cornwall Coat of Arms.

Key Ring Cornwall Coat of Arms

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Metal key ring with the Cornwall Coat of Arms.

The old Cornwall County Council coat of arms, granted in the 1940's shows:

Cornwall's two historic trades; fishing and tin-mining.

The bird is the chough, a member of the crow family.The chough rests one foot on a ducal coronet, representing the Duchy of Cornwall.

The shield carries the coat of arms of the Earls of Cornwall, adopted in 1337 by the Black Prince which shows 15 golden bezants, the ransom paid in the Crusades for his ancestor King Edward I, then Earl of Cornwall. 

It is surrounded by waves, like Cornwall.  The legend 'One and All'  is claimed to represent the effort made by the Cornish to raise their Earl's ransom .