Great Britain Surname Profiler

I thought I would share one of my favourite websites. I often showed this to customers in the shop and they never failed to get excited about it and couldn’t wait to go home and start searching all the surnames they had connections to.

It is a weird site in that it is not a www. – this is the link

Click on the “Start a Surname Search” in the top right hand corner. If you enter any surname from Great Britain you can find the following information on that name:

Frequency and Ethnicity - English, Irish Scottish or Welsh

Geographical Location  - Shows the geographical spread over several countries and also the Social Demographics which show the percentage  of people with a more rural name and the percentage of people with a more high-status name.  The lower the number the more “posh” you are.

Hours of fun to be had with this one.  When my family were looking at all our ancestral names all mine came up as being very exclusive, whereas Alan with all his Irish names was always told he was a tenement stair dweller.

This ties in with my previous blog about the Irish in Glasgow. Put in any Irish name and it will show you a huge population in Glasgow and it will always be low social status.

Map of 1881 - Shows the distribution of the surname in 1881

Map of 1998 - Shows the distribution of the surname in 1998

I notice there is a new World Search now, where you can search a surname for the world rather than just Great Britain. I’ll have to have a play with that as well. Already I see the Rowses are now more prevalent in N.Z than in our original homeland.