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  1. Cornish Pasty Pendant

    Cornish Pasty Pendant


    SKU: wesjdcp91

    Part of the Cornish Tin Collection made in Cornwall by St. Justin.

    Ye olde Cornish Pasty. Makes you peckish looking at it.

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  2. Daffodil Ear Rings

    Daffodil Ear Rings


    SKU: wehg1

    Sterling silver ear rings made in Scotland. Measure approx 1.3cm by 1.5cm. Learn More
  3. Lovespoon Pendant

    Lovespoon Pendant


    SKU: wesjpn791

    Tiny pewter love spoon design pendant on a rhodium plated trace chain.

    Width: .9cm (9mm) and Height: 3.1cm (31mm).

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  4. Three Dragons Brooch (Large)

    Three Dragons Brooch (Large)


    SKU: wesjpb108

    Large Three Dragons Brooch could easily be worn on a thick winter coat, such is it's size.

    Diameter approx 5cm.

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  5. Welsh Dragon Brooch (Pewter)

    Welsh Dragon Brooch (Pewter)


    SKU: wesjpb123

    Brooch made in pewter. The dragon symbolises bravery, strength and protection.

    This brooch measures about 2.5cm by 3.5cm.

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  6. Welsh Dragon Ear Rings (Bronze)

    Welsh Dragon Ear Rings (Bronze)


    SKU: wesjbze951

    Welsh dragon earrings bronze – Bronze drop earrings in the style of the Welsh Dragon emblem, come on gold-plated hooks. The official emblem of Wales, the red dragon (y ddraigg goch), although perhaps of Chinese origin, was introduced to Britain by the Romans some 1800 years ago. Initially a military standard, over time this mythical beast developed into the flag of the nation. Henry VII claimed descent fron Cadwaladar, the great Welsh king, traditionally called the last king of Britain whose dragon symbol, redolent of bravery and fierceness, had been taken up by later Welsh princes. Width: 17mm Length (incl. hook): 29mm Supplied in a velvet and satin lined gift box. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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