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    Unpacking the Kists by Brad Patterson, Tom Brooking & Jim McAloon

    The story of Scottish migration to New Zealand, examining how migrants adapted to their new environment and the extent of their influence in diverse areas including the economy, religion, politics, education and folkways. Looking at the private worlds of family, neighbourhood & community, customs & leisure pursuits, and expressions of both high and low forms of transplanted culture.

  • HATS

    Wide Selection of Men's Hats

    Hats are back in fashion and not only look good, but offer protection from wind and sun.

    Have a look at the new duckbill style of cap which is proving popular with the trendy young man about town.

    We stock Cheese cutters and Trilby hats in plain wool, woollen tweed, cotton and linen.

    Many styles and colours to choose from.


    Claddagh Rings in Silver, Gold and Steel.

    Choose from a "made to order" personalised gold claddagh ring with the gemstones of your choice or a silver "off the shelf" ring imported from Ireland and available in numerous claddagh styles.


    Heathergems made in Scotland.

    Made from real heather which has been cleaned, bleached, coloured, pressed and lacquered to make a truly unique piece of jewellery.

    Brooches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pins, Key Rings available.


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