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    The Highland Competition (HHC) and the Sadie Simpson (HSS) both designed by renowned dance shoe designer, Craig Coussins.

    Each ghillie has a professional orthopedic foam insole which provides excellent levels of comfort as well as a degree of impact protection to joints and tendons, allowing you to focus on your performance and technique.


    Hullachan Pro has found the perfect balance of shape and foot protection.

    The H1 (half sole) offers a truly streamlined profile while hugging the arch and heel to create a truly wonderful toe shape when pointing the toe.

    The H2 ghilie has a 3/4 sole and is perfect for dancers with low to medium arches as the pump has been designed to emphasise your arch area.

    Our commitment to foot health means every pair comes fitted with medical grade shock absorbency pads at the toe and heel.
  • Highland Dancing Accessories

    Increased Range of Highland Accessories.

    We have a great new range of hat brooches and fabric for making the hornpipe and highland outfit..

    Hat Brooches, Feathers, Kilt PIns

    Braid, Velvet, Buttons, Patterns

    Jig Bows, Jig Girdles, Satin

    Hornpipe Hat, Tallies, Lanyards, Ribbon



    The Hullachan RED Range is available in New Zealand.

    The new range of Hullachan RED;

    the PUMPS

    the JIG SHOE

    and the BOY'S REEL.


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