Fabric by the Metre

Tartan is made in three different weights. It is all 100% wool (from a sheep!) and imported from the Lochcarron Tartan Mill in Scotland.

Choices are:

Lightweight (Reiver) (10 oz). Width is 59 inches (150cm). Generally used for tailored items, casual kilts and dancing kilts. There is a wide range of tartans available in this weight of tartan. Most of our ties, scarves, sashes etc. are made in this weight.

Mediumweight (Braeraich) (13oz). Width is 54 inches wide (140cm). Range of over 200 authentic tartans. Although this quality of fabric is traditionally a kilting fabric & used for making bespoke tailored goods it is also highly recommended for soft furnishings & upholstery, Men's kilts, curtains, cushions, covers for sofas and chairs, trews (mens tartan trousers), coats and jackets.

Heavyweight (Strome) (16oz) Width is 54 inches (140cm). Used for military kilts.The range consists of over 500 authentic tartans. It is considered by many to be the best kilting fabric in Scotland and is the tartan of choice for many kilt makers and pipe bands worldwide. Used to make a traditional 8 yard hand made man's kilt.

In New Zealand the heavy weight tartan tends to be used for Pipe Bands and the medium weight for an individual man's kilt, for reasons of climate.