Polyester Tartan Ribbon (In Stock) - Seventeen different tartans including Flower of Scotland, Irish National & Selected Scottish Clans.

Tartan ribbon is ideal for wedding cakes, decorating the wedding cars, wedding or party invitations. Available by the metre and in different widths. The range we display is the full range of tartan ribbon manufactured in the polyester. If the tartan you want is not one of these 17 clans then you will need to get the bespoke woollen ribbon.

Bespoke Worsted Wool Tartan Ribbon (Made to Order) - 500 Scottish Clan Tartans

Bought in single ribbons 1.5 metres long and 5.5cm (55mm) wide. Yes, they are much more expensive, because they are cut from a piece of tartan and sewn down each side to make the ribbon. Thye are made to order in Scotland so you need to allow about 5 weeks for delivery.