Braemar S/Shock Ghillie

Braemar S/Shock Extra Wide

Imported from James Senior in Scotland. A popular Ghillie with Scottish Country Dancers who prefer an even wider fitting shoe designed for the right and left foot.

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Extra wide version of the Braemar ghillie with the latest Poron XRD insole, for those looking for extreme impact protection and performance cushioning when dancing. Protect the ENTIRE foot with the most advanced impact absorption technology, which outperforms the competition in a variety of markets and test methods.

Enjoy maximum and consistent protection from this lightweight flexible technology which is soft to the touch, firm on impact yet breathable to allow your feet to stay cool.

  • Right and left lasted
  • Upper is cut from one piece of leather with no front seam
  • Black leather upper
  • Black stitching
  • Back laces
  • Front toe loop
  • Side ankle eyelets to ensure a close fit
  • Full flexible black soft chrome suede sole
  • Soft suede top-piece lining on insole
  • In-built vivid yellow Poron XRD full insole


         Available in sizes UK 6 - UK 13 in half sizes.  NB: Sizing is UK Sizing.

Shoe Sizing

To decide whether you need the Braemar or Braemar Extra wide check the illustration of the foot tracing. If your foot, at the widest part, is greater than 90mm you need the extra wide.

Ex Wide Foot

JS Sizing

Please note that while we are more than happy to exchange shoes for another size or brand we do not offer refunds. We have had to implement this policy as a result of people buying shoes with no intention of keeping them.

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