Plain (Ebony)

Balmoral (Ebony)

Hand crafted in West Scotland, this sgian dubh is made from Ebony Wood topped with antler and features a 3d Stag's Head ornament. 

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Hand crafted in Helensburgh, West Scotland within sight of the bonny banks of Loch Lomond, this sgian dubh is made from ebony wood and topped with a piece of antler, featuring a 3d Stag's Head.

Stainless steel blade with a shiny polished steel finish. Beautiful finish to the handle with a flattened side for ease of wear.

Each sgian dubh comes complete with a grade one leather sheath with celtic design and a black presentation box.

Please note as a natural product is being used to create these pieces there will be slight variations in colour and shape. No two will be identical. Each item is unique.