Casting Rune Set

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Casting rune set – Set of 25 pewter casting runes complete with divination instructions.

The use of runes for divination and magic probably predate their use as an alphabet for written communication.
Random selection of a specific rune from the bag and then meditating on its meaning and significance is one of the most basic methods.
This can be used as a search for an answer to a specific question, but it is primarily used as a simple search for wisdom.
Many of those who use the runes make this a daily ritual.
They begin the day by selecting a single rune and then meditate on it repeatedly throughout the day, carrying it with them and holding it frequently.
There are a number of other methods for using the runes, including a variety of layouts or spreads designed for particular types of divination.
This is analogous to the variety of spreads used by those who use the tarot cards for divination and prophecy.

Each rune approx.: Width:16mm Height: 23mm

Supplied in a velvet draw-string pouch.