Featherflex Jig

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Product description

The Feather Flex is Antonio Pacelli's latest jig shoe, designed specifically for Open and Championship dancers, and we believe it represents a new era in jig shoes.

The Feather Flex has a more flexible and responsive sole than an Ultralite jig shoe.  It has a streamlined appearance and comes fitted with a Liberty XR tip, our loudest tip to date,

It has an enchanced toe block to allow more intricate toe work, and rubber protection behind the toe to reduce vibrations when you are trebling, so you can treble louder and longer without tiring.

  • Comfortable from the first wear - No breaking in time or blisters.
  • Loudest tips on stage - The new Liberty XR tip is our loudest tip yet.
  • Toe work made easy - Larger toe block for enhanced control and stability.
  • Effortless heel clicks - Concorde light heels with bevelled interior curve.
  • Responsive - Light weight with an ultra flexible sole.
  • Vibration control - The Liberty XR tip has a rubber layer behind the tip to reduce vibrations travelling to your feet, reducing fatigue and allowing you to treble louder and longer.

NB: Please note that while we are more than happy to exchange shoes for another size or brand we do not offer refunds. We have had to implement this policy as a result of people buying shoes with no intention of keeping them.